‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ Season 1 Episode 11 – A Midwinter’s Tale | TV Review


Spoiler Alert!


CAOS season 1 was spookily spectacular, and the trailer for season 2 looks promising. But was the Christmas episode worth all it was made out to be? Or was it simply a filler episode that they needed to get out the the way for the sake of plot?


Plot is important in this day and age. Recently, every show seems to focus on plot and end game, and strategics on how to get to said point. By distancing themselves from character, writers tend to fall into the ‘stereotypical show’.


Yes, it might seem like an innovative idea at the time, but without asking yourself, “are people going to watch this in 20 years?”, you instead ask if people are going to watch it now, for the sake of seeing the final outcome.


Similarly to Riverdale, a lot of watchers tune in because they want to see what happens next. Not because they sympathise with the characters or because they want to see what they’re emotionally going through. Because of this, the show is rendered useless after its run. The fanbase doesn’t continue for decades, and it becomes static.


CAOS has promise, though. Up until episode 11, the characters were well thought out, and the plot seemed to fall naturally behind them. However episode 11 proves to be a simple stepping stone to season 2, i.e., it is plot driven.


There were no truly emotive scenes in the episode, however blaming that on actors or writers individually is hard. The mother / daughter relationship between Sabrina and Diana felt like a strain, as if she didn’t actually care for her mother’s state in Limbo. This is her mother, unable to crossover into peace, and Sabrina and her aunties act like she’s in a foreign country without a passport.


We’re hoping that during season 2, the characters are not exactly the same throughout. We hope that they’ll grow as people as they get older and the series continues, instead of turning into one of those creepy wax figures that Susie almost became…


BTW, wearing dark lipstick and dying your hair silver doesn’t count as character development, ‘Brina!



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