CBS Debuts New Trailer For ‘Supergirl’ | TV Trailer


DC comics may very well own your entire TV planner come this Autumn. Not only is The Flash returning for season 2, and Arrow for season 4, and Gotham for season 2, but we’ll also be getting Supergirl’s debut too. So make sure you either have A) plenty of time, or B) plenty of hard drive space. Not that we’re complaining one bit. To coincide with the new teaser trailer for Supergirl entitled ‘Her Story’ it also comes with a brand new YouTube channel dedicated to The Man of Steel’s favourite cousin.


So far, only a few characters are confirmed from the comics, such as James Olsen, the infamous photographer for the Daily Planet, Alura Zor-El better known as Supergirl’s mother, and Lucy Lane, younger sister of Lois and potentially we could see her develop into Superwoman somewhere down the line, but perhaps the most surprising  inclusion is that of Kal-El or rather Superman himself.


A brave step considering the implications for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Exactly how much he will feature is yet to be known, however it is a welcome inclusion for many fans. It shows that DC is taking this very seriously. Supergirl premieres this October on CBS and you can watch the new teaser below.




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