Channel 4 Drama To Chart Nick Clegg’s Rise In British Politics | TV News


Channel 4 are set to create a one-off drama film detailing Nick Clegg’s journey in 2010, from someone who was relatively unknown to someone “who would decide the fate of the country“. The 90-minute show, which has the working title Coalition, will explore the negotiations and the journey that brought Clegg into Government in 2010. The events will be brought to life on screen by the acclaimed play writer James Graham.


The research carried out for the drama is promised to be extensive so that depiction of the lead up to the formation of the coalition government is accurate. James Graham said of the drama, “in May 2010, British politics was faced with a dilemma it hadn’t had to face in peacetime for over 75 years. The public were asked ‘who should govern’, and they came back with the answer – we don’t know“. The drama is set to capture the turbulent journey, the tensions and the high stakes involved. Casting is currently underway for the feature-length drama.



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