Channing Tatum Stars In First Trailer For ‘Magic Mike XXL’ | Film Trailer


Today sees the release of the trailer for the hugely anticipated sequel to 2012 flick Magic Mike. Starring Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer, the first Magic Mike movie got audience all hot under the collar as the 21 Jump Street star used his secret talent of male stripping to satisfy the most skeptical of viewers. Despite the obvious attraction of its ridiculously attractive cast, Steven Soderbergh actually knocked out a fairly impressive, stylish semi-autobiographic movie of Channing Tatum’s own experience as a male stripper.


Set three years after the first flick, Magic Mike XXL sees Tatum’s Mike stepping away from the stripper role while he’s at the top of his game. With the rest of the booty shaking crew finding themselves at a loss without the strip king, they decide on one last blowout performance! With Gregory James taking the helm on this new sequel, it will be interesting to see what a new director brings to the table. Still, with Soderbergh serving as Executive Producer and Director of Photography, I have decently high hopes. Take a look at the trailer and just… enjoy.




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