The Jane Doze – I See Cali (Kygo x Ed Sheeran x Notorious B.I.G. Mash-Up) | New Music


The ingredients for the best mash-ups seem to require a contrast of genre and artist-type to the extremest of lengths. Mixing Kygo’s calmly tropical house grooves with Ed Sheeran’s clean-cut pop anthem “I See Fire” and the gritty explicitness of B.I.G’s “Going Back To Cali” has made this number by NYC duo The Jane Doze a true smash of a mash-up.


The song doesn’t necessarily flow cohesively by theme or topic in the lyrics, but instrumentally these songs compliment each other in a perfect multi-layered journey of slow and warming grace, mixing acoustic guitars with synthesized organs under the radio friendly chorus of Sheeran singing “I see fire, inside the mountain” in between Biggie’s genius bars. California might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a tropical paradise, but this track is perfect to soundtrack a long drive down a Cali coastal highway.


The Jane Doze comprise of Jen Mozenter and Claire Schlissel, and in their two-and-a-half years as a DJ duo, they have shared stages with Diplo, Calvin Harris, and racked up YouTube hits in the millions for their releases. An inspiration to those who want to give up their desk job to follow their dreams, because that’s exactly what they did. Listen to their “I See Cali” mash-up below.




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