Channing Tatum To Make Directorial Debut With Road Trip Comedy ‘Dog’ | Film News


It’s a great week if you’re a Channing Tatum fan. After two years of taking it easy and not being on screen, the actor is back with a bang. Earlier this week it was announced he was starring in the true story music drama Soundtrack Of Silence, and now he’s setting up his directorial debut.


Tatum will helm a road trip comedy titled Dog, co-directing alongside Reid Carolin, who has written a few Tatum movies including Logan Lucky and Magic Mike. The duo have written this script together alongside Tatum’s longtime friend Brett Rodriguez.


The plot revolves around Army Ranger Briggs and his dog, Lulu, who are on a mission. They’re driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, hoping to be in time to attend the funeral of Briggs’ best friend and Lulu’s former handler. Along the way, they get into all kinds of shenanigans, including but not limited to eccentric pet psychics, aggressive weed farmers, and some classic buddy-movie business.


Although that sounds like a pretty standard comedy, the film is being described as more tonally complicated than many would expect. Alongside the gags, it will riff on themes such as PTSD, grief and redemption.


That mixture of comedy and darker ideas sounds perfect for Tatum. He’s often been attracted to projects that are ostensibly fun capers with a hidden, darker side to them. The aforementioned Magic Mike and Logan Lucky are great examples of films that are fun experiences but also address themes like capitalism, the recession, pride and ego.


Dog sounds like it has a chance to be a crossover hit, attracting both mainstream audiences and cinephiles alike. Tatum’s presence should help, too. We’ll wait to hear more, but for now it’s just great that he’s back to making films.



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