Charles – Darker Shade Of Green | Music Video

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Charles – Darker Shade Of Green | Music Video


Following the timely release of his debut single “Red. Green. Gold.” and the subsequent follow-up single, we are finally treated to a great treat from North London R&B crooner Charles as he drops the visuals for “Darker Shade Of Green“.


The new video follows through as a fitting touch to a groove filled track. A tale of love and jealousy, filled with quirky choreography bold colours and eccentric outfits from diner goers, with Charles himself starring as the head-waiter serving couples in varying states of relationship, overlooking all the drama. Shout out to Tom Saggs on the choreography and Terry Sam Jr. for the overall vision.


The video is a fun and colourful insight into Charles natural charisma and personality and a reflection of his creative blend of soul and R&B. Watch the new video below.




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