Chinese American Alt-Pop Artist Emei Unveils New Track ‘Irresponsible’

Chinese-American alt-pop artist, Emei, based in Los Angeles, has just released her new single “Irresponsible.”

After the viral success of her preceding single “Scatterbrain,” Emei continues to impress, masterfully blending elements of hyperpop and UK drum & bass in this latest offering.

“Irresponsible” delves into the turmoil and frequent missteps characteristic of young adulthood, providing listeners with an intimate glimpse into Emei’s mind as she embarks on this project. This compelling single has already drawn over 1.5 million views online within the three weeks prior to its release.

With a rich repertoire of experience, including a noteworthy run on Chinese Idol at the tender age of 15 and a stellar performance on Dancing with the Stars of China, Emei is no stranger to the spotlight.

She started her music career in China and eventually began to share her music with American audiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. She quickly rose to prominence thanks to her strong online presence and engaging content.

Emei’s single “Late to the Party” achieved a milestone 6 million streams following her live performances on TikTok and Instagram Reels, which collectively garnered 10 million views.

Her 2023 single “Scatterbrain” has amassed an impressive 7 million streams since its release in February and was crowned as the “Poppest Record Of The Week.” The single also enjoyed significant airplay on Sirius XM and BBC Radio 1’s Future Pop show.

Emei has been the subject of critical acclaim, receiving praise from prestigious publications such as Billboard, LADYGUNN, and People Magazine. Her music has also been featured on a variety of playlists including New Music Friday, Big on the Internet, Teen Beats, Pop Sauce, and Young & Free.

With her unique sound, relatable lyrics, and vibrant stage presence, Emei continues to build a robust fanbase. The release of “Irresponsible,” the second single from her sophomore EP, further showcases her bold fusion of hyperpop and UK drum & bass.

Drawing on her personal experiences as a young adult, Emei’s music resonates with listeners, making her an exciting talent to follow.

Listen to “Irresponsible” below!


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