Chirpy And Quill Kickers Collaborate On New Single ‘Pause’

Irish singer and songwriter Rebecca Shannon better known as Chirpy has linked up with collaborative storytelling platform Quill Kickers for their new single titled “Pause“.

Quill Kickers is a collaborative storytelling platform that was founded by award-winning writer Natalie Fellowes during the pandemic. The platform sees the readers and coommunities driving the narrative of a story with their own ideas.

This particular song “Pause” came about with Quill Killers asking the question “what if you could pause time?” on Instagram, with their followers sharing their answers and thoughts on the question, and Chirpy taking all of their ideas and contributions and turning them into a song.

Speaking about this unique songwriting experience, Chirpy says, “I didn’t think it was possible to write, record, produce and finish a song in three weeks […] It was exhilarating“.

Quill Killers founder Natalie Fellowes is an award-winning screenwriter with a previous career in advertising, who has seen her work screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and selected for the British Independent Film Festival and Skyline Indie Film Festival.

On the other hand, Chirpy emerged in Ireland as part of Irish choral ensemble Anúna, before going solo with a self-released demo EP titled Real Life and a full-length debut album shortly after, both to critical acclaim and commercial success.

Listen to their collaboration “Pause” below:


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