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Chris Brown has released a new song with Scott Storch 15 years after the release of their first hit “Run It”. The new track named “Undecided” features Brown’s struggle to commit to his partner with lyrics like:


“I’m undecided, excited, excited/And I don’t wanna feel the way I do, but I like it,” he sings in the chorus. “Look at all these sparks flyin’/But I’m still indecisive/’Cause you want me to wife you/But I’m undecided”.


The tune is set to be big, since it samples Shanice’s 1991 hit “I love your smile”, and their original “Run It” was such a huge RnB success. The song features Brown’s classic vocals mixed with autotune for his signature sound, as he sings the classic riff from “I love your smile”.


Chris Brown is said to release his new album Indigo this year, which will feature “Undecided” and many other highly anticipated tunes from the artist.


Listen to the song here:




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