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When asked by Tim Lovejoy on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch show whether he had began presenting Top Gear, Chris Evans said: “Not started yet, but we are doing a secret Top Gear film on Tuesday“. Evans has been among the favourites to take Jeremy Clarkson’s throne, and the disc jockey went onto say he will be filming a “Top Gear sequence” with an independent production company named TFI. Before his appearance on Lovejoy’s show, he had ruled himself out from BBC’s show.


Lovejoy replied: “It’s not so secret now“, but Evans went onto say: “It still will be, because nobody knows where it’s going to be. We’re making a Top Gear – we’re doing a Top Gear sequence with an independent production company and we’re going to see how it goes”. Although, the true future of the show is still unclear after recent reports of both Richard Hammond and James May being offered £1 million yearly contracts. The deal is said to be a plan that will see alternating guests host each episode, rather than the fixed Clarkson figure week in-week out.


Clarkson himself, soon after Evans’ revealing interview, tweeted a dig at Evans: “Next week, I’m doing a pilot Radio 2 breakfast show with an independent production company. We’ll see how it goes“. May also tweeted: “I’m working on a new TV idea, with an independent production company, called TFI Thursday. We’ll see how it goes“. BBC are refusing to comment on Evans’ comments, which they label as “speculation“.




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