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Many years ago, the name Chris Pratt didn’t hold much weight or significance in relation to cinema, instead it was a name of an aspiring actor rather than that of a star. However the tides have changed in his favour and now Pratt has announced himself to be the new star that will define a new generation of young talented actors who are trying to break into the movie industry for the very first time.


On this basis, it is not unheard of to compare Pratt to the great stars of the past like Marlon Brando and James Dean as like them, he embodies the same charm and charisma that audience members find so mesmerizing. Chris Pratt’s stylish persona enabled him the opportunity to become the figurehead of recent box office hits such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World.


With future projects like Magnificent Seven and an Indiana Jones reboot on the way, it seems like Chris Pratt has no chance of slowing down with his popularity continuing to increase especially with an adolescent audience who find his energy and youthful characteristics refreshing compared to the much older stars who seem out of touch. However there is a catch that comes with this kind of success.


What Pratt provides in his appearance and cinematic image, he lacks in craft and screen presence. Pratt is unable to deliver critical performances in most of his major film title roles with Guardians of the Galaxy being the only rare exception, and Jurassic World an prime example of acting in its poorest form. As an actor, Chris Pratt is most comparable to that of Steve McQueen who also struggled to be considered a serious actor but in return, became a global superstar.


In all honesty Chris Pratt is a classic example of an enigma. Pratt may have all the attributes that stardom dictates but lacks the ability to entice the audience the same way that Marlon Brando does. This indicates that Pratt is not the complete movie star package and he will find it extremely difficult to make a lasting impact on the silver screen if history is to judge him in the near future.



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