Chvrches ‘Every Open Eye’ Peaks Higher On Billboard 200 Than Debut | Music News



Chvrches‘ debut album entitled The Bones Of What You Believe was generally well-received after its 2013 release. It peaked at #12 on the Billboard 200 and even rose to #5 and #3 on the Top Rock Albums and Alternative Albums charts respectively. For a Scottish band just starting out, the reception was fantastic. The question was, could they follow that up, now that people had a better idea of their sound? After selling three times more copies in the first week and peaking higher than their debut, the answer is: yes.


Every Open Eye debuted at #8 on the Billboard 200 and reached #1 on the Top Rock Albums chart. Of the top 200 position, Martin Doherty called it potentially “the most important thing to me that we’ve achieved so far”. However, not wanting to let it get to his head, he wants to “work twice as hard to make sure that we maintain a career and further a career”. Every Open Eye was released on September 25 and can be purchased here.



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