Chvrches + Wednesday Campanella – Out Of My Head | Music Video


We get transported directly into Japanese culture in the just released video for “Out Of My Head“, the single that sees Scottish band Chvrches collaborating with Japanese band Wednesday Campanella.


Kicking off the track is Campanella’s Kom_I, who, with her exquisite crystal clear voice, provides the first punchline. The decision to keep the collaboration bilingual is a refreshing act, as we can appreciate the J-pop band’s full-fledged talent without taking anything away from them.


Lauren Mayberry only jumps on the song in the chorus, giving a taste of her equally clean sound as well as tinging the song with a more international flavor. The two bands compliment each other in this electro-pop cut that could easily be featured as some anime’s theme song.


Aptly, the video that accompanies the song is an anime video in perfect Japanese style. In this dream-esque cut, where trains fly and muggles spin around the street, the mission to convey this feeling of being off the grid is definitely accomplished.


Chvrches are currently on tour, after they dropped their last album Love Is Dead in May, meanwhile Wednesday Campanella are about to embark on their first headline show in Hong Kong, on October 12.


Check out the music video below:




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