Claire Danes Is Cunning In Teaser Trailer For ‘Homeland’ Season Four | TV Trailer

Claire Danes is cunning in the trailer for ‘Homeland’ season four


Claire Danes plays the cunning Carrie Mathison in the dramatic new trailer for season four of Homeland. In the trailer, agent Mathison shows her emotional side as she is accused of putting her career before her child. Brody’s life ended tragically at the end of season three leaving Mathison to raise their child alone. She has been an assignment in the Middle East, primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the clips her emotions range, she is shown as distressed when confronted by people trying to tip the car she is in. In another clip, she gives an emotionless response in regards to those she kills. Season four will premiere with two episodes on the Showtime channel on the 5th of October 2014 at 9pm ET/PT time.




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