Clarks Announces Inaugural Wallabee Day Celebration

Clarks, renowned for its iconic Wallabee shoe, is thrilled to declare the inauguration of Wallabee Day, set to be an annual celebration occurring on April 26th. This event aims to unite its global community in commemorating the beloved footwear staple.

Crafted in 1968, the Wallabee features unparalleled comfort and a distinctive design that has garnered admiration worldwide. From its origins in Somerset, England, the shoe has transcended boundaries, finding a place in diverse style cultures spanning from the UK’s football terraces to the streets of Tokyo and the dancehall scenes of Jamaica.

Tara McRae, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at Clarks, expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our first Wallabee Day. It’s such an iconic shoe loved by people across the world and has served as a blank canvas to artists, creators, and cultures over many generations.”

To kick off the festivities, Clarks has enlisted the support of Wu-Tang Clan member and Wallabee aficionado, Raekwon, who shares his sentiment, saying, “We need to have a Wallabee Day. We need to be able to say today is the day everybody throws their joints on.”

Throughout April, Clarks will host a series of activities, including customizations, content releases, and a social media competition encouraging the community to showcase their creativity.

The Wallabee’s originality lies in its simplicity – crafted from just two pieces of suede using a tubular construction technique. Matteo Bellentani, Global Creative Director at Clarks, describes it as “THE sneaker alternative and a shoe like no other.”

In line with Wallabee Day, Clarks invites enthusiasts to submit their personalized interpretations of the shoe for a chance to win exclusive creations. The brand has also collaborated with global partners to unveil unique adaptations, further celebrating the shoe’s rich history and cultural significance.

Moreover, Clarks plans to engage audiences through educational initiatives, retail activations, and digital events, providing insights into the brand’s heritage and innovative spirit.

As Clarks continues its legacy of craftsmanship and innovation since its inception in 1825, the Wallabee remains a timeless icon, a staple of casual sophistication loved by generations worldwide.


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