Cloude Atlas Release New EP ‘Forward In Time’ With Producer Val-Verrel | Music News


West London alternative rap duo Cloude Atlas have returned with a brand new EP Forward In Time: Toki Fruit Act I featuring artist-producer and galactic spiritual warrior Val-Verrel. This new EP which includes four tracks arrives one year after their last project Romance Dawn: The Summer In Love.


This is their fifth studio EP and marks the first step in a series of three projects which we will see released all throughout the year.


Forward In Time has been inspired by how Cloude Atlas were pushing themselves “forward in time” on their musical journey. They said about it “we were meant to take a break after our last project to deal with personal things but we both cut it short to make this project, so we feel we’re ahead of time in a way”.


They draw inspiration in their love for Japanese anime and manga art series One Piece to write lyrics that will help the listener to free their mind from fuzzy thoughts.


The two member of the duo, Star Lux and MP Dilla, are providing in this EP, as they did since their inception, good vibes and strong messages. From their opening track “Laugh Tale (Simmer Down)” which is a reminder to live freely, to their closing track “Palace” which compares our minds with palaces fit for royalty.


Speaking about the inspiration behind their Forward In Time EP, Cloude Atlas say, “This EP is a special one to us as it forced us to realign and reconnect with music. Especially during a time where we’re all in a lockdown due to Covid-19, it gave us both a new escape and somewhere to put our energy.


These are songs we have held onto for a few years and that makes it all the more exciting to finally be able to finish and release them. This is also the first time we’ve been in a position to be able to push things on a larger scale independently”.


The duo have also recently gained backing from Capital Xtra, Kiss Fresh, Roundhouse and Reprezent Radio .


Listen to Forward In Time (Toki Fruit: Act I) below:




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