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Music festivals are the equivalent of fashion, or better said, a particular Ready-to-Wear style, and this past weekend was the first one of the very californian Coachella itself, where, I think, style is more important than music sometimes. The short shorts, ankle boots, flower crowns and this sort of very light capes, are always a must, and when you think, that probably, this year you will see something different and exciting, well… you don’t.


Coachella has become this platform of style where you can find Hollywood celebrities, everyone is there and if not, they want to be there. Music is a plus in the festival, people go to see who they can find to take a selfie, to have the very traditional Coachella picture, to show off their amazing wardrobe, the food, and then, oh, hey, there’s music… oh, it’s Madonna, kissing someone on stage… again.


It is amazing how this festival has created a particular way of clothing, and let me tell you something, there are people in the world who might not be at Coachella, but it is still season, so I’m dressing up as if I’m walking next to Paris Hilton and her long dresses. Being the first summer music festival each year and having the responsibility to lead other music festivals’ style, it attracts fashion brands because more than a half a million people visit it.


From six-time sponsor H&M with its its pop up store and its H&M Loves Coachella collection, which also sells worldwide, so every person can get the “Coachella experience”, to Harper’s Bazaar’s shop in Palm Springs, to now, handbag line Coach (ella?) with its Coach Backstage Series, everyone and every brand wants to be part of it, and who can blame them, it sells, it’s fashion, it’s music, it’s adventure, it’s a piece of Hollywood for the entire world to discover in just a weekend.




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