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Just before the pandemic, social media application TikTok went viral worldwide, and with the pandemic, they occupied millions and millions of people during the lockdown. The application has been translated into over 40 different languages and has been downloaded over two billion times, so it is not a surprise that they are getting a documentary on how and why it expanded.


The documentary will be directed by Shalini Kantayya and will be produced by a few different big companies such as Forbes Entertainment, Campfire, and Olive Hill Media. As said above, the main theme of the documentary will be about how this application went from unknown to one of the biggest social media for 16-25 years old (mainly).


Some have even made TikTok their workplace by becoming content creators, but also inside the application, many jobs became essential to the good function of the application such as engineers, informaticians, and many more. However, there were also the different controversies that the application has been involved in since their initial launch in 2016.


The main reason for their controversy was a political backlash. The application is owned by ByteDance, which is close with the Chinese Communist Party, but at that time in the United States of America, the former President Donald Trump was in a sort of conflict with China’s government and supposedly took it out on the social media application.


In the end, it resulted in bad publicity for the company, and access for the application was nearly forbidden in America. Aside from that political backlash, the documentary will also show how this application is the future of social media, mixing social media and politics and much more.


About the documentary, Travis Collins, executive director of Forbes Entertainment says, “In two years, TikTok has dominated the social landscape, minting millionaires, creating pop stars, empowering the poor and more“.


We don’t have a release date for the application yet, but we will surely get more information in the next few months on the date and maybe who will feature in the documentary.



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