Comedy Legend Jim Carrey Is To Appear In Upcoming ‘True Crimes’ Drama | Film News



Comedy legend Jim Carrey is to diversify his career once again with his re-introduction back into serious drama. The Canadian actor wants to silence his critics whom feel he is unable to create cinematic performances on screen worthy of Oscar Glory. Jim Carrey has not featured in a thriller since The Number 23 more than five years ago.


The new movie in which Carrey is scheduled  to star in is a upcoming Polish American crime drama named True Crimes and will be directed by Polish filmmaker Alexandros Auranas.  The principle photography for the film began on November 12, 2015 in Krakow, Poland. The outcome of the film is still yet uncertain but if it all goes well then Jim Carrey’s decision to appear in this film could be a career defining moment and may eventually lead to future award nominations.


True Crimes is expected to be released in cinemas worldwide sometime next year.



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