‘Cool Runnings’ Screenwriter Michael Goldberg Loses Battle With Cancer | Film News


Sadly, screenwriter Michael Goldberg has passed away after battling cancer for 14 years, aged just 55. Goldberg was mostly known for writing the cult classic, Cool Runnings, which came out in 1993. Cool Runnings has since become one of those classic early 90’s film which has gain a massive cult, beloved following. The story follows a Jamaican bob-sleighing team in this funny and family friendly movie. Goldberg also wrote other family films including the 1994 movie Little Giants and more recently, the 2002 film Snow Dogs, starring funny man Cuba Gooding Jr. Goldberg also took his talents to writing and starring in many off-Broadway plays. It has been reported that Goldberg passed away on October 2nd, after losing his battle with brain and sinus cancer.



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