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German born Simon Hinter has released his newest EP this week on the sub label of the Defected Records imprint, Tenth Circle. Formed in 2011, Tenth Circle aims to “focus squarely on the more underground elements of house, techno and electronica, working with both established artists and previously unknown names to bring the very finest electronic music in 2011 and beyond”. Released on vinyl on September 29, Simon Hinter’s minimalist take on electronica is a concept that is fully realized across these three tracks.


From the laid back thoughtful ruminations of lead track “Regenmacher” and Jazz inspired melodies of second track “Adhs” to the final 70’s funk inspired “The Cop”, Nomina EP is a meticulously crafted EP from a producer at the top of his progressive game. Following previous releases from M.ono, Vin Sol and Greenville Massive, Nomina EP is another assured and diverse release for the London-based Tenth Circle.


Hinter cites influences such as hip-hop, soul, jazz, funk and rare soundtracks of the sixties and seventies, identifying himself primarily as a producer, although DJing and his love for these soulful tunes from the past have been cemented in him since age 15. Nomina’s last track entitled “The Cop”, with a sample from the ‘70’s movie Samurai Cop is reminiscent of the Will Rap for Food Cunninglynguists album.


Hip-Hop and Jazz elements are the most prominent, Hinter’s final track is more up tempo and progressive; it doesn’t specifically conform to any one genre, rather constructing a kind of cross-pollination of Soul, Funk and House to create a sonic experience unique to himself. The Nomina EP is available from Juno here, listen to the 3-track record below.




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