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Earlier in the year there were two lawsuits on the go relating to Tame Impala which were filed against the band’s former label Modular, and the label’s founder, Steve Pavlovic. One was filed by BMG in regards to the rights management organization that handles the band’s music. Another was filed by Universal Music Australia against Pavlovic claiming that they had acquired ownership of Modular at the end of 2014.


Now, after an Australian court initially ruled in Universal Music Australia’s favour, Australia’s Court of Appeals of New South Wales has reversed the decision and ruled for Pavlovic.


In a statement, Pavlovic wrote:


“I’m obviously greatly relieved that my position has been vindicated by such powerful minds. I built Modular out of sheer passion and a belief in unique creativity. I regret terribly that the bands I have nurtured and adored all these years were caught in the cross-fire between Universal and I. It’s stressful to be one man staring down a corporate giant the size of Universal however I felt I had no choice but to fight for myself, the label I created and for the bands that we represent. I’ve always held Universal, and George Ash in particular, in high regard. We enjoyed many great years together as partners and I’m sad that we have reached a bitter end. I wish him and all beings UNIVERSAL LOVE. I’m hopeful that time will heal all wounds and that the respective bands and labels alike can get on with the job of what drew us all together in the first place – a desire to see great artists brought to the world stage.”


He also issued a statement on that ruling:


“I’m pleased that the misunderstanding about the US statutory rate for calculation of mechanical royalties has been resolved in the commercial manner always intended by the parties. I’m deeply sorry for any upset caused to Tame Impala given that I’ve always been a staunch supporter and fan of the band; and to BMG given the relationship we’ve always enjoyed with them. I also regret the heavy handed press coverage of this aspect of Modular’s affairs which was completely inaccurate and out of hand. However I hope that with Universal and Modular’s respective obligations to BMG on behalf of Tame Impala now resolved that a line can finally be drawn under this unfortunate chapter.
Previously, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker had described himself as a spectator in the legal back-and-forth. “I just find it counter-productive to get worked up over it,” he said. “They’re just gonna battle it out and do their thing”



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