‘Creed’ Spinoff Focusing on Drago in the Works at MGM

The Creed franchise has breathed new life into the larger Rocky franchise, and with a third Creed film on the way this year, MGM are looking to capitalize.

The studio is reportedly developing a spinoff that will revolve around Ivan Drago. Robert Lawton, who once wrote the spec script Becoming Rocky about the making of the classic film, is attached to pen the screenplay.

Specific plot details are unavailable right now, but we do know the story will focus on major Rocko rival Ivan Drago, who was portrayed by Dolph Lundgren, and his son Viktor Drago, played by Florian Munteanu.

Ivan Drago was first introduced as a main antagonist to the franchise in 1985’s Rocky IV, which pitted him against Rocky Balboa after causing the death of Apollo Creed. Lundgren would eventually return to the role in 2018 with the release of Creed II, which introduced his son Viktor, who faced off against Apollo Creed’s son Adonis, played by Michael B. Jordan.

Drago remains one of the most iconic characters from the original series due to his ruthless fighting methods and personal feud with Rocky himself. A Drago spinoff should mean a deeper insight into the relationship between both of the characters for fans of the series.

Viktor is also scheduled to appear in the upcoming Creed III, which will see Jordan making his directorial debut as well as reprising his titular lead role. That film is due for release on Wednesday, November 23.


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