Crowd Get Injured At US Festival Summer Ends | Music News

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At least ten people have been injured at Summer Ends festival in America last night after fans rushed the stage during roots reggae band Rebulation’s set. Nine people were left needing hospital care while several others are reported to have been treated at the scene.


A fan told KTVK “It was crazy,People were getting pushed, stepped on, trampled over. Nobody was really caring about anybody.”


Tempe Police Sergeant Damon DeSpain shared the following message:


“The Tempe Police Department is working with Tempe Fire Medical Rescue and the event promoter (Lucky Man Productions) to avoid any similar type of incident today (September 27). We are asking that concert goers come prepared by staying well hydrated, dressing appropriately for the hot weather, and wearing sunblock. As always, we encourage guests to have fun while acting responsibly and in a safe manner.”



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