Daada Unveils Trilingual Fusion Of Afro-Colombian And Berlin Beats On ‘Moonlight’


Multicultural artist Daada, blending German and Colombian influences with a touch of Tanzanian roots, has unveiled her latest single “Moonlight,” which was released on April 12, 2024.

This release, characterized by its vibrant and global sound, invites listeners into Daada’s diverse world, where multiple languages and cultural undertones merge to create something truly unique.

In “Moonlight,” Daada explores themes of inner turmoil and emotional release, crafting a narrative that is both personal and universal. The song’s composition showcases her ability to blend various musical styles, from Reggaeton and Cumbia to African rhythms, all underpinned by the urban vibe of Berlin, where the track was produced.

This fusion is not just a testament to her personal journey across continents but also resonates with her commitment to creating music that bridges cultural divides.

Daada’s musical journey began early, with songwriting at the age of seven and later exploring different instruments and musical styles. Her passion for music was encouraged early on by a supportive school headmaster who recognized her talent, leading to her first recording studio experience in Lewes, UK.

This background has fueled her creative outputs, which are rich with the influences of her idols and a broad spectrum of genres she has embraced over the years.

The single “Moonlight” represents a significant moment in Daada’s career, embodying her growth as an artist and her ability to capture the essence of her multicultural background.

It serves as a prelude to her upcoming second EP, set to be released in June 2024, promising more explorative tracks that delve into her diverse cultural heritage and experiences.

Watch the music video for “Moonlight” here!


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