Nezsa Invites Listeners On Journey Of Self-Discovery With ‘Soul Searching’ EP

Toronto-based alt R&B artist Nezsa has unveiled her awaited EP Soul Searching,, a six-track reflection of life’s ups and downs. Written and composed by Nezsaherself, the EP is a blend of introspective melodies and raw emotions.

The EP kicks off with “Pressure,” delving into the struggles of meeting expectations, leading into the empowering anthem “Trouble.” Transitioning to a softer tone, “Technicolor Bliss” explores the complexities of romance. Nezsa guides listeners through anxiety with “Nervous Juice,” before delving into themes of regret and vulnerability with “Should Have Cared” and “NWTG.”

Nezsa shared her inspiration behind the EP, stating, “This is a reflection of who I am as an artist, a piece of my soul laid bare for you to hear.” She continues, “In the pursuit of music, I discover not only my truest self but also the boundless possibilities that lie beyond the horizon of doubt.”

Born in Nigeria and based in Canada, Nezsa has carved her path in the alt R&B scene. With influences ranging from Frank Ocean to Rihanna, Nezsa’s music blends pop, R&B, neo-soul, and indie seamlessly. Her sophomore EP showcases her prowess as a songwriter and vocalist.

Highlighted as Apple Music’s ‘Up Next’ artist and featured on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist, Nezsa continues to captivate listeners with her relatable storytelling and genre-blurring soundscapes.

Soul Searchingmarks Nezsa’s evolution as an artist, inviting listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery through music. As she continues her musical journey, Nezsa remains a beacon of authenticity in today’s music scene.

Listen to the Soul Searching EP below!


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