Daisy Ridley In Talks To Star In Psychological Thriller ‘The Ice Beneath Her’ | Film News


There’s long been a theory that, outside of Harrison Ford, being in Star Wars actually hurts actors for the rest of their careers. Until the franchise became a dominant cultural force in the 90s, Mark Hamill could attest to that, being relegated to supporting parts and (now famed) voice acting roles.


The same could be said of someone like Hayden Christensen‘s post-prequel career. The question now is, with the sequel trilogy wrapped, what will Daisy Ridley‘s career look like? If she’s aiming not to be stuck in the same post-Star Wars lull, she may be off to a good start, as she’s in talks to star in the psychological thriller The Ice Beneath Her.


The film is based on Camilla Grebe‘s bestselling novel, which has been compared to Gone Girl (although what hasn’t?). It revolves around a detective and psychological profiler who team up to solve the case of a young woman found beheaded in the home of a prominent businessman. The investigation quickly evolves into a race against time.


Caitlin Parrish (Supergirl) wrote the screenplay with filmmaking trio Radio Silence (Ready Or Not) on board to direct and produce. It’s hard to know what to expect from a thriller like this simply based on the premise.


For every Se7en, there’s The Bone Collector. For every Silence Of The Lambs, there’s Copycat. Let’s hope The Ice Beneath Her is closer to the classics than the imitators.


Ridley is off to a good start though, as she has already developed a career outside of Star Wars. She had roles in Ophelia and Murder On The Orient Express, plus has post-production trainwreck Chaos Walking sitting on the shelf, for now.


It seems unlikely she would suffer the same fate as actors like Hamill and Christensen because she’s well-liked and her presence in movies should drive audiences to them. Let’s hope The Ice Beneath Her is her first step to a fruitful post-Star Wars career, while at the same time reviving the cinematic psychological thriller, once a staple in movie theatres.



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