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“Lost” co-creator and producer Damon Lindelof arrives at the The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Producers Peer Group Primetime Emmy Awards cocktail reception on Sunday, Aug. 22, 2010, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (AP Photo/Jason Redmond)


Damon Lindelof, co-creator of Lost and The Leftovers, is jumping to the big screen. Excitingly, he’ll be teaming with Blumhouse (Get Out) to craft a thriller of his own. Reportedly, he’s written an action-thriller titled The Hunt alongside Nick Cuse, son of Lost co-showrunner Carlton Cuse.


The film has Craig Zobel (Z For Zachariah, Compliance) on board to direct, and Blumhouse reportedly grabbed the project after a competitive bidding war.


The logline of the film is being kept under wraps, but it’s reportedly a politically-charged film, inspired by the current political climate in America, with “the aggressive nature of right versus the left” being a major theme, while taking the situation to “a more extreme, and violent, level”. It sounds like it could be a better, smarter version of The Purge films.


Lindelof and his entire team is coming over from the critically acclaimed series The Leftovers, which recently wrapped its final season. Lindelof will produce the film alongside Jason Blum, while Cuse and Zobel will serve as executive producers.


This isn’t Lindelof’s first foray into cinema, as he previously penned a number of high profile movie scripts such as Prometheus and Tomorrowland, before taking a long break to focus on TV. He’s currently hard at work spearheading a Watchmen pilot for HBO, which he’ll serve as showrunner for if the full series order is picked up.


But excitement will quickly turn to The Hunt and its similarities to Get Out, from coming from the same production company to being a politically-heavy thrill ride. It’s obviously a lot to live up to one of the most acclaimed films of the decade and one that’s also Oscar winning, but Lindelof might be up to the task.



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