Daniel Craig To Star In Luca Guadagnino’s Next Film ‘Queer’

Both Daniel Craig and director Luca Guadagnino are fresh off exciting new projects – anticipated sequel Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and cannibalism road movie Bones And All, respectively – so how about teaming up?

Craig is reportedly in line to star in Guadagnino’s next film; an adaptation of William S. Burroughs‘ novella Queer.

Written between 1951 and 1953 but not published until 1985, Queer revolves around protagonist William Lee, who Craig will likely play, who tells the story of his life in Mexico City and his awkward and self-conscious experience surviving on part-time jobs and GI Bill benefits.

Whilst interacting with American ex-pat college students and bar owners, Lee pursues a young man by the name of Allerton, who is believed to have been based on a discharged Navy serviceman and friend of Burrough’s, whom he met in Mexico City in real life. Queer is supposedly quite autobiographical while also serving as a quasi-sequel to Burrorughs’ earlier novel, Junkie.

There aren’t many other details right now. Guadagnino is reportedly in the process of raising financing for the movie.

Prior to this project, other adaptations of Burroughs’ novella have been attempted, with Steve Buscemi set to direct a version in 2011 with Oren Moverman penning the script. Despite a script reading with Stanley Tucci and Ben Foster at the Sarasota Film Festival, the film never happened. There was also an opera adaptation of Queer that premiered in 2001.

We’ve seen Guadagnino successfully helm these kinds of personal stories before, especially with Call Me By Your Name and the aforementioned Bones And All, which was released last month. He should be a great fit here.

This isn’t the only new film he’s working on though, as he’s also developing romantic sports comedy Challengers with Zendaya, which will arrive next August. He was also previously announced to be directing an Aubrey Hepburn biopic that has Rooney Mara attached to star, but that film is still looking for a screenwriter.

Craig has reprised his role as Benoit Blanc for Glass Onion, which can currently be seen in cinemas before hitting Netflix on Friday, December 23. He’s already signed on for a second sequel, too. Queer is the only other project he’s currently on board for.


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