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Polish” is the first single from Danish singer and songwriter, MALU. It also marks the beginning of her journey as a solo artist.


With this song, the singer has created the universe of pop melodies, soulful tones, and some R&B sensations. She delivers us a song with a great balance between contemporariness and nostalgia by being in a flirtation between the organic elements, her spellbinding attitude, and her heart on her sleeve.


“Polish” has a soft lively rhythm with the perfect bassline for the song. MALU’s vocal form a perfect mix with the mellow instrumentals. On top of all this, we can find some thoughtful lyrics. The ensemble reminds us a little bit of the ’90s. Furthermore, the song also comes with its music video.


This project is born in a showdown between MALU’s perfectionism and expectations. The singer commented “For as long as I can remember, I have been busy living up to an idea of who I am supposed to be. Through music I become spontaneous. Here, I can flirt with my identity crisis, set boundaries, make fun of my own perfectionistic ego and sing myself to become who I want to be.


‘Polish’ is a parody of myself and the mentality of perfection in which we are so indoctrinated today. We have become so good at listening to our ideals that we have grown deaf when it comes to ourselves. The whole thing is an illusion though, because when are we ever perfect enough? It’s like chasing a soap bubble that bursts every time you think it is in your hand.”


The musical journey of MALU started when she was five years old and two movers came by her childhood home with a piano they were supposed to get rid of, but she was immediately glued to it. She became a classical pianist then the lead singer in a jazz trio, a disco band, and a soul orchestra. She has had concerts all around Denmark and she felt that she belonged on a scene from a very young age.


We can wait to hear more from her solo career but in the meantime, listen to “Polish” here:




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