German Artist Diana Ezerex Unveils New Single ‘Memory Lane’ | Music News


German artist Diana Ezerex has just released her brand new single titled “Memory Lane”, which is taken from her forthcoming debut album My Past’s Gravity. In this song, the singer is approaching the subject of looking back at everything you have experienced in your life.


The song comes with electro funk sounds and sees Diana looking back and forward at the same time, it’s all about our past, our history and where we come from and how this background influences our present, where we are at, and who we want to be be in the future.


It’s about not only enduring the circumstances and their consequences, but experiencing and learning from them for the future. The artist, who is already an award-winner and has been performing charity concerts in prisons since 2017, is working on her debut album My Past’s Gravity which will be released on June 25.


The songs on the album will tackle thought-provoking and often taboo subjects such as oppression and social injustices in Germans prisons, some of which she performed her charity concerts. She will also touch on tough subjects as suicide and mental health. Sonically, she describes it as moving between pop, hip-hop, trap and soul, in a perfect blend with her glorious voice.


We strongly recommend you to stay tuned for the release of this album. You can listen to the single here:






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