Danish Vocalist And Songwriter Marie Dahlstrom Shares New Song ‘The Process’

Renowned Danish singer-songwriter and producer, Marie Dahlstrom, currently based in London, has unveiled her latest single, “The Process,” ahead of her highly anticipated second album, A Good Life.

Set for release on May 22 under her independent label, JFH Records, the album’s anticipation has been heightened by Dahlstrom’s recent sold-out headlining performance at London’s 600-capacity Lafayette venue.

“The Process,” a collaboration with Dahlstrom’s long-time friend and artist Sipprell, is the final preview of the forthcoming album. The album itself is a melting pot of talent, featuring collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Jay Prince, Conor Albert, Kofi Stone, Cory McKenzie Tribbett, and Delleile Ankrah.

In A Good Life, Dahlstrom intricately weaves a sonic tapestry that mirrors the ebbs and flows of life, reflecting both the darker and lighter periods that color our days and our music. She accomplishes this by harmoniously blending sun-drenched R&B with soul-stirring neo-soul.

Her latest single, “The Process,” elevates her status as a pivotal voice in contemporary underground R&B. The track, featuring Sipprell, showcases her unique fusion of Nordic jazz, neo-soul, and R&B genres, a blend that sparked her enduring passion for music. This richly textured, piano-driven track, laced with guitar, delves into the intricate layers of artistic expression.

Discussing the inspiration behind “The Process,” Marie Dahlstrom elaborates, “The song is a reflection on creativity and the process of artistic creation. It’s about surrendering to inspiration when it arises and learning to flow with it, rather than attempting to control or force it.”

Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of “The Process” by Marie Dahlstrom featuring Sipprell below!


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