Danny G & The Major 7ths Teams Up With Fehdah And Zaska For ‘Time The Healer’ | Music News


Irish artist Danny G & the Major 7ths has recently teamed up with Fehdah and Zaska to release a new track titled “Time the Healer”. The song was produced and mixed by Ken McCabe, Wolfhound Sound, while it was recorded by Jack Groenland, Timpada Studio & Ken McCabe, Wolfhound Sound.


“Time the Healer” is the 3rd single from the forthcoming album The Lookout, following 2018’s “Say When” and 2019’s “Believing” (150,000 streams on Spotify to date), which were both featured on RTÉ’s recommended playlist.


This new neo-soul/funk song features catchy rhythm and choruses, guitar riffs, and strong beating bass. The voices of the artists fix together perfectly, in a complex chorus structure. Fehdah’s voice appears at minute 1.17, making the song her own, while Zaska starts his guitar solo at 2.42. The overall product is well constructed and creates a chilly atmosphere.


Danny G & the Major 7ths has recently reveiled the main theme of the track: “This song was written for a friend. When you go through a really tough time, the pain never really goes away, you never forget it. But time passes. One day you’ll wake up and it won’t hurt any more. You’ll come out the other side, wiser and stronger.”


Listen to “Time the Healer” below:




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