David Ayer To Direct Crime-Thriller ‘Tax Collector’ Before ‘Bright 2’ | Film News


Although director David Ayer is set to return to the chair to helm the sequel to the much maligned Netflix Original, Bright, he’s lined up another project before that. He will write and direct the gritty crime thriller Tax Collector, which is scheduled to shoot this summer.


Shia LaBeouf and Bobby Soto are set to star in the film – LaBeouf having worked with Ayer before in the war drama Fury – and the film will reportedly harken back to Ayer’s earlier films like Training Day, although plot details are thus far being kept under wraps.


Tax Collector will be an indie, a co-production between Cross Creek Pictures and Ayer and Chris Long‘s production company, Cedar Park Entertainment, so don’t expect the kind of infinite Netflix budget for this one, although that might do Ayer a world of good considering how poorly Bright turned out.


With Tax Collector coming before that sequel, hopefully it means Bright 2 screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos, who’s taking over from Max Landis, has enough time to work out the kinks and make the follow-up at least passable. Neither Ayer film currently has a release date, but don’t expect the Netflix sequel any time soon.



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