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David Bowie does not follow traditional norms. His music, fashion and overall demeanor proves that he is his own man with his own style. So instead of giving him a birthday present this year, he will be giving us one hell of a gift instead. This legendary music icon will be adding number 25 to his music record catalogue, with the release of the LP Blackstar on January 8. That means after a 10 year wait, Bowie will now be delivering two albums to our collection in a space of three years!


However, what is most surprising about the album is how The Times notes “Blackstar may be the oddest work yet from [Bowie]”. Coming from a man with a track record as bizzare as they come, I’m expecting big exciting things of epic proportions. The Times continues to state the title track, with a running time of 10 minutes contains “Gregorian chants, a soul section, various electronic beat and bleeps, and Bowie’s distinctive vocals. There is no radio edit; it’s all or nothing”.


“Blackstar” is the theme for TV Show The Last Panthers and can be heard here:




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