David Miliband Features In Vogue Magazine February Issue | Fashion News


David Miliband, for those who aren’t politics savvy was the previous front-runner for Labour under Tony Blair’s cabinet but lost out to his brother Ed in a battle for the party leadership. He has always been a more charismatic and well dressed archetypal leader that we’ve come to expect of Westminster. It was a shame that he was unable to lead the Labour party but with an air of uncertainty, it seems like David could stand a chance yet.


Vogue has spotted this, as well as his sense of style and splashed him on the cover of their magazine for February’s edition. David’s buzz cut with a white stripe in his hair which would leave Cruella De-Ville lost for words, is certainly not what we expect. His suits are on par with an expensive looking cut. It’s not ostentatious but it’s not boring. If Miliband can pass the Vogue test then he can certainly do a lot more damage on the political scene and 2015 may hold that opportunity. w’ll have to wait and see.



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