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Kickstarter is a place to go to indulge your imagination, to see whether or not a crazy idea that fleetingly crossed your mind while tossing and turning in bed in the middle of the night might just work. Suffice it to say, for the few that have gotten extraordinary backing, there are 1000s that fall by the wayside. For the last ten years, De La Soul have been free of a record label, true independent artists.


So for their eighth album, they’ve shrewdly turned to Kickstarter for some funding and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’ve smashed their original goal and have now got close to $500,000 pledged. For the new album, De La are doing things a little differently: they’ve recorded over 200 hours of LA musicians’ jam sessions – equal to a staggering 250 to 300 full-length vinyl LPs – and are digging through that to find little gems to put together beats with, this way not having to worry about the ‘sampling police’ since they own every second of it.


They’ve given us a little flavour of their new cooking style with “God It”, and although it won’t feature on the upcoming album, it sounds like we’ve got plenty to look forward to anyway. The track’s dripping with head-bobbin’ funk and undeniable swag, and it’s no place for kids, as Posdnuous throws a “grown man salute” and Dave calls to “show respect to this grown man inc“. A little someone by the name of Nas joins in on the hook to add to the legendary air, and after Dave questions the claim that “case studies say hip hop is dead”, all three beg to differ, they “still god it”.




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