Wet – Deadwater | New Music


Wet got everyone’s appetite going for something blissful when at the end of 2013 they released their gorgeous 4-track eponymous EP. It was music that floated straight down from cloud nine. It’s been a long wait for even a peep from the Brooklyn trio since, let alone some new material, but pop’s most emotive group are now finally inviting us back to that wispy cloud with new single “Deadwater”, and it comes with the very welcomed announcement that their debut album is imminent. Love, and the good and bad pains it brings, seem to always be on singer Kelly Zutrau’s mind, and over the airiest and dreamiest of guitars and pianos, she defeatedly croons “the task just gets harder“, before realizing “there are better things for me“. No one’s ever made heartbreak sound so pretty and hopeful.




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