Deadmau5 Accuses David Guetta Of Animal Cruelty | Music News


Daedmau5 has accused David Guetta of animal cruelty, after he used a horse in one of his live performances. He said that Guetta and the Ibiza nightclub Pacha where “stupid f**ks” for using a horse during the performance in May. Deadmau5 took to Twitter and said: “I’m sure the horse really appreciated it. stupid f**ks. f**k @davidguetta and f**k @pacha. For real… horses belong on a farm, not in a sh**ty overpriced nightclub to be subjected to a sh**ty overpaid DJ“.


The footage was recorded from Guetta’s ‘F**k Me I’m Famous’ residency in Ibiza and it shows the horse being ridden by a smug looking man in a native American headdress and surrounded by dancers wearing the same headdresses. The footage was uploaded online a while ago but it has only just caught Deadmau5’s attention. Deadmau5 was in the limelight recently due to Disney suing him over his logo looking very similar to Mickey Mouse, to be fair it does look like Mickey Mouse but creepier. Footage of said horse in Guetta’s performance is below.




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