Doctor Doom Steals The Show In Final ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer | Film News


It’s fair to say that The Fantastic Four are one of the heavyweights of Marvel’s comic universe, however after the disappointment of Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), it was clear that a fresh new direction was needed, regarding the adaptation to the big screen. Fast forward eight years and audiences were treated with a younger looking cast, a smarter, more technical approach by introducing inter-dimensional travel and ultimately utilizing one of the best villains in comic lore to his full potential.


The mystery surrounding Doctor Doom’s involvement was beautifully teased at in the first trailer. With the new trailer, audiences are treated to a lot more, as it focuses heavily on the personal relationships as well as the struggles of the team getting to grips with their new powers and responsibility whilst facing the imminent threat of Doctor Doom, who certainly doesn’t hold back on his intentions: “This is the end of your world“. Fair to say, he’s got their attention, and ours. See for yourself below.




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