Death By Unga Bunga – Into The Night | Music Video


Death by Unga Bunga is a Norwegian rock band and they have recently premiered a new video for “Into The Night” from their upcoming album.


Their music is described as something in between garage-rock, Britpop and even punk. Anyway, the songs are really catchy and bring us all the way back to the 60s.


Talking about the new music video… Well, at first it looks absurdly self-mocking and even manic, but the drummer Ole Steinar Nesset explained it like this:


”This video is a delightful mashup of everything that’s cool. “Into The Night’”is about how to party. We like to party on jet fighters, playing guitar solos, clinging on for our lives to a flying carpet. Wouldn’t you?


Death by Unga Bunga have just finished a US tour with Stiff Little Fingers and now are ready for their two headline concerts in Norway this December.


Watch this ridiculous video for “Into The Night” here:




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