Denver Musician Caleb Schwing Unveils New Track ‘Easy Way Out’

Los Angeles-based Denver musician Caleb Schwing calls himself “the Nai Khanom Tom of music“, and “Easy Way Out” is his second single in the last two months, as he gears towards rolling out many more singles this year as well as possibly an upcoming project later this year as well.

The track is driven by Caleb’s captivating falsetto voice and it also comes with a mix of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ style synth arrangements and dirty guitar licks, that really grab the attention. Similar to his last offering, “Easy Way Out” sees Caleb taking the mantle of writing and producing the track, as well as playing every instrument on the track, except for the drums, which are played by his brother.

Thematically, the song is a love-lost song, which sees Caleb singing to his love interest and bemoaning that them walking away from their relationship is them taking the easy way out, and instead, they should stay and work it out. Whatever the case, you listen and tell us what you think.

When Caleb aka “the most normal musician you’ll ever meet” is not making music, he spends his days wondering what he is doing with his life, or as he explains it, “I write and record really fast so there are weeks of sitting around wondering what I’m doing with my life in between working on songs. I like alien documentaries”.

Listen to “Easy Way Out” below:


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