Detroit R&B Artist Britney Stoney Returns With New Single ‘Missin U’

Britney Stoney has released a new single called “Missin U” The track could be described as an R&B melody of love and longing. The singer with this new track, serenades listeners with creative melodies and a powerful voice.

As a reminder, Britney Stoney is a singer, songwriter and guitarist whose career began at open mic nights in Detroit. She now performs at festivals and events around the world.

Deeply inspired by the human experience, Stoney is eager to empower all listeners. She aspires to be a role model for emerging artists and an ambassador for artistic communities.

Stoney’s last offering “O.D” was a huge success in the UK and she aims to repeat that same feat with “Missin U”. Alternating between a camera-phone quality and gorgeous cinematic shots of Stoney’s rooftops, the “O.D” video featured the singer dressed in her pink tulle and looking like a cloud in a dream, against a backdrop of infinite blue sky.

The Spotify account of the singer has over 12,000 monthly listeners and over a million streams since her last release. It is therefore in a good momentum that she has released her new single “Missin U”, with an accompanying music video said to be coming soon.

Listen to “Missin U” below:


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