Phoenix Trio Belaganas Unveil Music Video For ‘If You Want It’

The incredible new video for “If You Want It” from the BELAGANAS trio was released on April 13. The song is taken from their recently released three-song compilation, SOFTY.

This title of the compilation. stands for “songs originally for the youth“. The band reveals about it, “It’s a play on the term people often use when they’re talking down to someone, usually on the subject of love” and they add, “All of the songs on Softy are kind of about the urge to express one’s feelings, even if it hurts others’ feelings”.

Formed in Phoenix, Arizona, Belaganas consists of Joey J (vocals), Shanker (vocals) and Nick Wille (guitar/drums). They began writing music in the summer of 2016 and have since released a series of well-received singles and EPs.

Belaganas have amassed an incredibly loyal following, thanks in part to their compelling and emotionally charged live performances. The trio has performed in New York City and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their music has appeared on popular Spotify and Apple playlists, including ‘New Music Friday’ and ‘Lorem’.

Once, the band described themselves as “if the Beastie Boys were depressed high school kids who liked pop music.” While that’s obviously ironic, the dynamic trio brings a certain amount of angst to their remarkably distinct sound – an undeniably satisfying mix of rock, punk, rap and R&B.

“If You Want It” expresses the feeling of getting out of a bad situation, looking back and saying “yea, screw everything i’m doing me”. The driving tempo and hyperpop-esque sounds, along with the bold and lyrically complex verses, reinforce this narration throughout the song.

Watch their “If You Want It” music video below:


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