Detroit Rock Band Kind Beast Unveil New Track ‘Highway Madness’

Detroit-based rock band Kind Beast has released their latest single, “Highway Madness,” the first taste of their upcoming album, Dirty Realism. The track pays homage to frontman Sean Madigan Hoen’s fascination with all-night drives and open roads, a passion he and drummer Dan Jaquint first shared during van tours in the pre-cellphone era.

Discussing “Highway Madness,” Hoen explains that he doesn’t vacation in the traditional sense but rather drives long distances and embraces the unknown. The song delves into the quasi-transcendental states experienced by those who spend hours behind the wheel, confronting aspects of their inner selves. Hoen’s vivid descriptions of sleep-deprived hallucinations, like phantom wolves on the road, add to the song’s intrigue.

“Highway Madness” combines gritty guitar distortion with classic rock and soul elements, creating an enthralling listening experience. NPR affiliate WDET describes Kind Beast’s music as “sophisticated and nocturnal,” drawing inspiration from ’70s arena rock, Krautrock, and post-Fugazi canon.

Kind Beast was formed in the late ’90s when Hoen met Jaquint while touring the North American post-punk scene. The band’s current lineup includes bassist Sean Bondareff, formerly of Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels, and guitarist Martin Rodgers.

Despite their roots in teenage bands Thoughts of Ionesco and Small Brown Bike, Kind Beast is often compared to mature rock/pop acts like Arctic Monkeys, Spoon, and Queens of the Stone Age, with a nod to Touch and Go and Dischord influences.

Having played headlining shows in Detroit and opened for various national indie and post-punk acts, Kind Beast is set to release their second album, Dirty Realism, in 2023, followed by an East Coast tour. Keep an eye out for this talented group as they continue to captivate listeners with their unique blend of rock and soul.

Watch the video for “Highway Madness” below!


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