German Singer-Songwriter Marius Kraußold Releases New Single ‘Cloud 9’

German artist Marius Kraußold has just released a new single “Cloud 9” on May 3, 2023. The single is a break up song, filled with souvenirs as the artist struggles to go away from this relationship, reminiscing the time where everything was perfect illustrated with atmospheric sounds such as a breathy tone and high notes.

Filled with melancholy, the heavier sounds serve as reminder that once you start flying you have to mind the gap between the cloud and earth as the landing can be ruthless and the ground is just underneath. The single reflects the changes of a situation, emotion and or person as the times past, like the every season within a year.

Marius Kraußold is a talented singer-songwriter from Germany, born in a family of musicians he quickly started composing his own songs at the age of 15, and then deepened his talents in a band, before embarking himself on a solo career in 2017 and releasing his first album The Arrival in 2018.

Big fan of Taylor Swift, James Bay, and German composer such as Madeline Juno and Michael Schulte, he develops his own melancholy-pop style while incorporating a more optimistic aspect of hope and confidence.

“Cloud 9” arrives along with his new EP Stuck On Yellow which focused on the feeling of not having control over life event as being a witness of your own life. The self producer, songwriter and recorded his EP at home, influence by his surroundings, friends.

Listen to “Cloud 9” on Spotify down below!


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