DiCaprio & Scorsese To Resurrect Teddy Roosevelt Project At Paramount? | Film News

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DiCaprio & Scorsese To Resurrect Teddy Roosevelt Project At Paramount? | Film News


Leave it to the Leonardo DiCaprioMartin Scorsese duo to drag a project kicking and screaming out of development hell. If anyone can get something made, it’s these two. DiCaprio and Scorsese have long been discussing and developing a project on former President Of The United States, Teddy Roosevelt, that hasn’t moved forward much in the past decade.


However, Paramount may have now set up the project with DiCaprio starring, Scorsese directing and Scott Bloom set to write the screenplay. It’s also still unclear what the source material for the project would be and what parts of Roosevelt’s life the film would focus on. Back in 2006, the idea was to adapt Edmund MorrisThe Rise Of Theodore Roosevelt and cover his early years.


However, just because this project is in the works doesn’t mean it’s close to a done deal. For one, Scorsese is currently in the midst of production on The Irishman for Netflix, which will take up at least a year, if not longer, thanks to a long schedule and an even longer post-production.


Plus, DiCaprio, being one of the biggest stars in the world, has his pick of practically any project he wants and usually has fingers in plenty of pies before finally pulling the trigger on something. There’s also the chance that Scorsese and DiCaprio team up on another film, with Devil In The White City and Killers Of The Flower Moon both in development with both parties connected.


It’s clear that the two want to work together again, and why wouldn’t you after five very successful films together already? It seems to be only a matter of time before it happens, the question is what project will it be? If Paramount are serious about the Roosevelt film, and it’s the passion project for the two it’s been mentioned as, it’s worth betting on that.



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