Dior Cruise 2025 Show Is A Celebration Of Scotland

Maria Grazia Chiuri brought Dior’s 2025 Cruise collection to Edinburgh, Scotland, creating an unforgettable fashion show. Dior is known for celebrating craftspeople with each collection, and this show was no different.

Chiuri collaborated with local Scottish fashion brands and designers, highlighting the historic connection between Scotland and France. “In the past 10 years we speak only of the ‘brand’ when it comes to fashion, but I want to show what is behind the brand – the factories, the knowledge,” she said backstage. “Everything isn’t done in Paris or Milan, it’s a global industry. So when we speak about fashion, we forget how much we’re connected. To work together is an opportunity to explore different ways of doing things.”

The Cruise 2025 collection showcased Chiuri’s efforts to draw attention to the people behind fashion houses. The team worked with Samantha McCoach and her brand Le Kilt, along with Harris Tweed, Johnstons of Elgin, ESK Cashmere, and Robert Mackie. Their local expertise was evident in the designs.

The collection took inspiration from Scottish fashion and history. This included tartan, chainmail, and Dior’s unique take on the kilt. “The kilt is part of Scottish tradition but also the punk moment in fashion – Westwood and McQueen worked with this before me so it was a big responsibility,” Chiuri explained. She added that the kilt isn’t new to Dior. “In some ways, the Bar jacket and skirt is an interpretation by Mr Dior of the kilt and its jacket.”

Christian Dior had a personal connection to Scotland, touring the country many times. His work was inspired by Scottish traditions, and he hosted various shows and events there during his tenure.

Chiuri also paid tribute to Mary, Queen of Scots, who was both Queen of France and Scotland. “Mary was Queen of France as well as Scotland – and she used fantastic embroidery to tell her story, to send a message,” Chiuri said. Clare Hunter, an author, historian, and artist, whose book about the royal served as key inspiration for the collection, collaborated closely with Dior for this tribute.

The show took place in the gardens of Drummond Castle. This location perfectly represented the connection between Scotland and France. The garden’s design features French and Italian influences, earning it the nickname the ‘Versailles of Scotland’.

The show was a joyful celebration of Scotland, attended by stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Rosamund Pike, and Lily Collins. Overall, it was a remarkable event that honored Scottish fashion and history in a contemporary way.

See some of the looks here!


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