Discover The Bold And Inclusive Footwear Line From Daniela Uribe

Miami Swim Week is where the hottest swimwear trends light up the runway against Miami’s vibrant culture and stunning beaches. But it’s not just the models bringing the heat—attendees are also showing out in their best fits.

From corporate chic to millennial mami, thrifted vintage to casual beach vibes, and even some raunchy looks, everyone at Art Hearts Fashion rocked their own unique style. This individuality is what makes Miami Swim Week so lit. Plus, Daniela Uribe, a panelist for Snatched Plastic Surgery<, is also making her contribution to the fashion world. Step into the world of Daniela Uribe, where luxury footwear meets unapologetic self-expression. This chic brand is redefining what it means to strut in style, offering a stunning collection that seamlessly blends high fashion with comfort. 

Designed for the modern trailblazer, Daniela Uribe’s shoes are all about celebrating individuality and inclusivity, with sizes and styles that cater to every fashionista’s unique taste. When asked about her artistry and business, Daniela Uribe shared that not only is she a show designer, but also a fashion editor, content creator and social media manager.

What really stands out to me about Daniela is her inclusivity. Daniela Uribe’s luxury footwear brand is not just about making a fashion statement; it’s about inclusivity and embracing everyone’s unique style. Inspired by the trans community, Uribe has revolutionized the footwear industry by offering inclusive sizing that truly sets her apart.

As she proudly states, “My footwear brand is really special because it is a luxury footwear brand, I make it in Italy. They have two very unique selling points.

The first one is that I have inclusive sizing. What that means is that all the styles of shoes that I have, from a flat shoe to a sneaker to my highest heel and highest platforms come up to size 45 Italian which is a size 13 US for men. It is footwear that is available to everybody. If you feel connected to the shoe and you want to wear it, I have the size for you. That’s something that I felt in the footwear industry was lacking.

With designs that cater to a diverse clientele, Daniela Uribe ensures that everyone can step out in style and confidence, proving that fashion can and should be for all.

The second thing is, my brand has become famous because of the comfort and the looped heel. I have a looped heel that is very unique to the brand. My insoles have two layers of foam, memory and latex. This is to create padding for you while walking, so your foot feels more comfortable than your normal luxury heel.”

>From sleek heels that scream power to edgy boots that make a statement, each pair is crafted with impeccable attention to detail and a bold aesthetic.

Perfect for those who live to stand out, Daniela Uribe is your go-to for footwear that not only turns heads but also champions confidence and authenticity. Get ready to elevate your shoe game and walk your own runway here.


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